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Case Study #1

Blow Molded Bottle: Designs of 8 oz. and 4 oz. cosmetic bottles, with a “family” look were completed working from a 2 dimension photo from the customer.

This design involved importing the customer’s photo into SolidWorks and developing dimensional data to create the proper proportions for the 2 bottles.

The 3D models were then checked for proper volume of each size, a cap concept created, and the designs submitted to the customer along with layout drawings of each bottle.




Case Study #2

Blow Molded Fender Design: A leading manufacturer of portable generating and lighting equipment asked their blow molding vendor for ways to reduce costs on the blow molded fender used on their portable equipment. Assessment of the equipment determined that most of the equipment could use a fender which was smaller and lighter in weight than the current unit.

The molder asked Don Aikin & Associates to design the new smaller blow molded fender.

Working from wheel diameter information supplied by the customer, dimensions for the new fender were developed and several design concepts showing different shapes were submitted for the customer’s review. After a basic concept was selected the design was completed, incorporating changes requested by the customer.

The fender was produced successfully, resulting in lower costs for the molder and their customer.



Case Study #3

New Family of Stock Cases: A leading producer of double walled blow molded cases asked Don Aikin & Associates to work with their design team to develop a new line of low cost, integrally hinged blow molded cases.

Five new sizes were developed from design criteria which assured a “family” look.

After completing the case designs, mold designs were produced and the molds fabricated in the customer’s in-house toolroom.



Case Study #4

Don Aikin & Associates was asked by a client to collaborate with their engineering department to build the company’s first “family” lid and base case mold. Design criteria included the ability to make quick changeovers of the mold to create different lid and base depths for the same sized case.

The result was a mold which produced good parts on the first sampling and met all of the client’s design expectations. The ability to run lid and base simultaneously reduces molding cost for this part by 40%. The mold design permits running a lid and base of different depths at the proper weight for each, so that there is no increase in material costs for the case vs. running the lid and base independently.



Case Study #5

Some of Don Aikin's project successes while employed by Airmold / W.R. Grace:

Project: Role: Results:
Implemented In-House Mold Building Capability Equipment Procurement; Staffing 25% Reduction in tooling lead times with no cost increase
Implemented Airmold’s first CAD system Project Manager 20% Reduction in New Product Design Time

Case Study #6

While employed by Delta Consolidated / Danaher Corp.:

Project: Role: Results:
Upgrade of CAD System to Solid Model System (Pro-Engineer) Dept. Manager / Project Leader 15% Increase in Design Productivity
Installation of 6 Custom Designed Blow Molding Machines Project Manager 20% Capacity Increase for New Sales Growth
Upgrade Plant Material Handling System Project Leader-Vendor Selection, Installation Supervision 20% Reduction in Machine Downtime
Start Up of Company’s First Automotive Customer Project Manager
-Production Start Up
-Quality Processes
-PPAP Preparation & Submission
Additional $1MM in Sales from New Automotive Account

Case Study #7

A leading supplier of children’s playground equipment asked their blow molding vendor to convert their rotationally molded Fun Hoop™ to a blow molded design to lower manufacturing and shipping costs.

The one piece rotationally molded Fun Hoop™ was re-designed as a 3 piece blow molded unit using the existing rotomolded unit as a dimensional design guide.

The design incorporated fasteners already in the customer’s inventory to reduce component stocking costs.

The result was a lower cost unit which can be shipped knocked down via UPS.



Case Study #8

A children’s playground equipment customer approached their blow molding vendor with a request to convert their rotomolded wheelchair ramp to a blow molded design to increase production and reduce cost. The blow molding vendor turned to Don Aikin & Associates for a blow molded design.

Using the rotomolded unit as a dimensional guide, Don Aikin & Associates produced a design for a blowmolded ramp which could be used with the customer’s existing rotomolded ramp support and blow molded “timber” system. Weld cones were added to the underside of the ramp to provide the required stiffness at a significantly lower weight.

The result was a lower cost unit which could be produced in higher weekly volumes.